Get an accurate analysis of some of the most popular political and economic myths

Our world is full of falsehoods. What often starts as an idea gets distorted over time. This is usually enabled by a dysfunctional media and toxic culture where people latch onto an idea that is deemed “correct” by influential people like talking heads on TV, celebrities, or the masses on social media.
TT Tuttle Rebuttals 3D eBook

But in many circumstances, popular beliefs are wrong. 

That’s why Libertas Institute published this eBook in our Tuttle Twins series: The Tuttle Rebuttals: 40 Responses to Popular Political and Economic Myths.

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Inside this important eBook, you’ll get a clear analysis of some of the biggest political and economic myths infecting our world today like:

  • Overpopulation is destroying the world
  • Global climate change can be reversed by law
  • Capitalism creates winners and losers
  • Socialism helps the poor 

By the time you’re done reading this book, you’ll have a better understanding of some of the lies told within 20 different political myths and 20 different economic myths.

If you’re concerned about the many falsehoods making their way around our world—and how you can combat them—you’ll want to read this eBook.

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